Philips Interloopmailer®


Philips were launching a powerful new piece of technology – the Prestigo remote control. This allows the user to replace all controls with just one single universal remote called the Prestigo. After a lengthy search by Philips to find the ideal marketing tool, GSD® was approached by its marketing department to create a unique mailer to launch the product globally.


GSD’s visually stunning interloopmailer® attracted instant attention – an ideal launch partner that oozed intrigue and was guaranteed to create a positive reaction. The mailer’s interactive graphics worked so well that the target audience was compelled to read and find out more. The simplicity of the design – adapted to work in several languages at client request – nevertheless avoided information overkill.


The initial trial proved so successful that Philips decided to launch their interloopmailer® campaign Europe-wide. Our client then used the mailer later that same year for a different product – the Streamium wireless hifi system, which won Product of the Year 2008-9.

“The Prestigo interloopmailer® created just the excitement we needed for our mailshot – the feedback we received has been superb. Thanks GSD®!”

Fabienne Gendre – Philips Project Manager